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Accusource welcomes our new Director of Business Development- Kent Lawson

We are thrilled to announce Kent Lawson has joined our team as the new Director of Business Development. He brings extensive experience and a proven track record of success to Accusource.

In 1985, with a degree in music from Ball State University, Kent started a position as a part time file clerk for a Registered Investment Advisor.  While there he developed their inhouse portfolio accounting system and eventually became the Director of Operations, after which he worked and consulted for several different firms until 1999 when he joined Advent Software Inc., as a Senior Consultant and Business Analyst. He remained with them until 2004 when he started his own firm, Quartus Insource where the focus was outsourced COO work.

In 2006, Kent became Vice President & Chief Administration Officer for a large, multi-generational single  family office where he oversaw investment operations and served as an executive for their private trust company.  He was also directly involved at a leadership level with philanthropies, accounting, tax, technology, and served as a primary liaison with third parties.  During his tenure, he oversaw much of the assessment, documentation, and re-engineering of the firm’s business processes, systems, and organizational structure plus many more additional duties.  Kent also served as an Executive Board member for AUG, The Exchange, a non-profit membership organization that serves the wealth management industry. For a full synopsis of his impressive credentials, visit his LinkedIn profile HERE.

When not working for his clients, Kent focuses his free time on enjoying his family all of whom share his passion for music and creativity.  Still a musician at heart, he attributes his success to his creative side and his ability to step outside the box.

Kent’s focus at Accusource will be to develop true integration between investment data and accounting data, regardless of the products being used. Kent’s goal will be to deliver accounting data based on a proven concept that has been used in production with great results.

Kent welcomes the opportunity to discuss this new service from Accusource with you and your organization.

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